Install Codepotro Digital Certificate

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Install Codepotro Digital Certificate

Why it is neccesary to install Codepotro Digital Certificate?:

To ensure that the software you downloaded is not modified by others. So that you can get the genuine software. Codepotro Digital Certificate has a thumbprint. So, if any application of Codepotro is modified, you'll get a notification when launching the application with highest privilage.

Installing Process:

Download the certificate (Codepotro_cert.cer) from here

After downloading double click on the certificate

Now click on "Install Certificate...

Select "Current User" as "Store Location" and click "Next"

Click on "Place all certificates in the following store" and click "Browse..."

Now Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities", click "OK" and then click "Next"

Now Click "Finish"

A new confirmation window will appear with the thumbprint, make sure that the thumbprint is "EB99BC88 465CF348 D7BCDE47 AD09C323 1E026C82" if it matches click "Yes"

Done :)

Jayed Ahsan Saad

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