What's new in Borno Update 1

Author: Jayed Ahsan

Written on March 28, 2019


Bug fixes and improvements


  • Re-coded the algorithm of Fixed Keyboard Layouts. Now it’s 99.9% bugless
  • Added 2 new themes.
  • Added AltGr and ShiftAltGr states.
  • Added Developer section in layout editor.
  • Added separate options for Auto Completion and Phonetic Suggestion Window.
  • Added full emoji support.
  • Added most common words in internal dictionary.
  • Major change in Phonetic Engine.
  • Improved font colors of Layout viewer.
  • Added XML Keyboard Layout saving and loading.
  • Minor change in Bornomala font.
  • Re-formated the Layout Data for editing XML Layouts easily.


  • Fixed Mode switching key issue.
  • Fixed Mode switching for each Window.
  • Fixed bliking Auto Completion and Phonetic Suggestion Window.
  • Re-arranged UI.
  • Fixed layout list bug.
  • Fixed Topbar visibility issue.
  • Fixed App shadow disappearing bug.

  • and many minor improvements & fixes.

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