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CyberSpace is a public community(Group & Page) created by BM Lava. They helped us by sharing Borno in their community, giving feedback and by DONATING. We hope they will continue their contributions.

MD Sifat


MD Sifat helped us by sharing his experience and writing a review of Borno on Bangladeshi websites he also created the sequences and combinations of ANSI to Unicode Encoding which is included in Borno update 10. We hope he will continue his contributions :)

Md Riyad Hasan


Riyad Hasan helped us by finding typos in Borno's User Manual. Thanks to Riyad Hasan for his findings.

Mashrur Sourov


Mashrur Sourov helped us by finding bugs and giving suggestions. Thanks to Mashrur Sourov for his findings.

Vladimir Ciobica

Software Reviewer

Vladimir Ciobica is an editor of Softpedia. He introduced Borno to the world by writting a review in Softpedia.

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